TreadGrip Range of safety products

Anti-Slip Solutions offers the following range of TreadGrip products to ensure floor & step safety.  These products provide excellent non slip properties to surfaces such as slippery steps, stairs, ramps, decks, commercial applications such as slippery kitchen & bar areas, & industrial applications.

TreadGrip Nosing

Product Description
TreadGrip Nosing is a slip-resistant stair nosing offering superior traction even in wet or oily conditions.
TreadGrip nosing measures 70mm x 30mm and is 4mm thick with a tapered leading edge.
2.0 meter lengths are available and can be cut to size to suit your exact requirement.

TreadGrip Overlay

Product Description
TreadGrip Overlay is a plate that can be fitted over the top of existing internal and external stairs and steps. They form part of our safety product range.
The product is manufactured from a high quality polyester resin that is not only extremely hard wearing but also corrosion, chemical and fire resistant.
TreadGrip Overlay is 4mm thick and has a coarse aggregate finish on it making the step anti-slip, thereby reducing slips and falls in the work place. TreadGrip Overlay can be easily cleaned using usual cleaning agents

Non-Slip Strips
non sli[p strips, anti-slip strips

Product Description
TreadGrip Strips are made from FibreGlass Reiforced Polyester and can be applied to wooden surfaces, Ramps, and other slippery surfaces. They offer excellent traction, and are 4mm thick so they do not pose a trip hazard. They are extremely hard wearing with a hard quartz finish to provide excellent non-slip properties.