PosiGrip -   Anti Slip Solution's answer to slippery floors

PosiGrip is the manufacturer of non-slip treatments and solutions for all floor surfaces. 

PosiGrip  is used for the treatment of any mined surfaces including concrete, ceramic and porcelain tiles, quarry tiles, terrazzo, marble, and granite. 
Unlike anti-slip coatings, PosiGrip  is a treatment that microscopically changes the tread pattern of the floor surface, thereby increasing the co-efficient of friction. 
This treatment does not change the appearance of the floor surface. 
PosiGrip  produces results which exceed Standards
Australia specification of slip resistance (AS/NZS 3661.1).

Q:How does PosiGrip work?
A:  When applied to floor surfaces, Anti-Slip Solution's anti-slip treatment creates a chemical reaction with the pores of the slippery floor surface to microscopically change the tread pattern of the floor, resulting in a higher coefficient of friction on slippery tiled or concrete surfaces. 
Slippery surfaces are actually safer wet than dry because of the increased friction allowing for safe, sure footing.
There is no coating applied that can wear off or etching that could break down the surface.

 Q: How long will the treatments last?
  Porcelain bathtubs and showers are guaranteed for life.  Floors are guaranteed for two years as long as the floors are cleaned regularly in an approved manner.  Most floor treatments will retain its original non-slip characteristics for many years.

Q: How long does it take to apply Anti-Slip Solutions product?
A:  Treatment is carried out quickly and conveniently as there is no drying or curing time once the product has been applied and allowed to activate. Treatment can be arranged during non operating times, or after hours and will not disrupt the flow of your place of business. Most importantly, you'll be able to walk on the surface immediately.

Q: Does the treated surface look or feel any different?
A:  There is no discernible change in appearance. However, when wet the feel is especially different.

Q:   Why is there a need for our application?
A:  Slip/fall accidents Australias #2 accidental killer.
Throughout the 1990's injury was responsible annually for more than 7000 deaths  and 400,000 hospitalisations.
When injury causes are considered the annual lifetime cost of injuries from falls ($ 3.1.billion in 1995-96) exceeds that of motor vehicle crashes (2.3 billion) and all other causes. A 1990 study of public liability incidents revealed that 76% were due to slip/ falls  and 86% of these were preventable.

Q:  What is the cost of Anti-Slip Solutions Process?

A:  Each surface has it's own characteristics and we will conduct a "no-obligation" on-site test to determine the treatment required. At that time, based on application ratio and square footage, a price can be given.
We can also demonstrate our product on a sample area at no charge.

Q:  Is this the most effective way to reduce slip/falls?
A:  Yes!  For many years, the only means for reducing slip/falls was by application of epoxy of other roughed substances, by installation of unsightly strips of grit paper, or expensive carpet runners, or rubber mats that need continuous replacement and generally are not attractive.  Another method utilizes the application of a strong acid that etches the top of the tile.  By eating away the top of the tile, this method destroys the shine of the surface a leaves a sandpaper appearance and effect.  As time and traffic passes, the tile will wear smooth again and the acid will actually seep through, weakening the glue line and loosening the tiles.  In addition, the surfaces are difficult to clean, maintain and keep attractive.

Q: What surfaces are not applicable?
 A:  Any surface that is not porous such as plastic, linoleum, fiberglass, or any material made from a resin base.

Q: Other than the requirement of a porous surface, is there any reason why your product might not work?
  Anything that interferes with the foot from making direct contact with the treated surface (such as dirt, wax or ice) will prevent our product from being effective.

Q: Does heat or cold affect your product?
 A:  No!  In fact, our product can be applied in cold weather as long as it doesn’t freeze during the process.  It will not prevent slipping on ice since there is a layer preventing contact with the treated surface. .

Q: What if the floor has been waxed?
 A:  Our product can still be applied if we use a degreaser such as our effective DeGreaseAll to remove all the wax.