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Bathrooms and baths can be treated to become non-slip by Anti-slip solutions

Slippery tiled kitchen floors can be treated to become non slip

Ware house floor treated to become non slip

PosiGrip  is used for the treatment of any mined surfaces including concrete, ceramic and porcelain tiles, quarry tiles, terrazzo, marble, and granite. 
Unlike anti-slip coatings,
PosiGrip  is a treatment that microscopically changes the tread pattern of the floor surface, thereby increasing the co-efficient of friction. This treatment does not change the appearance of the floor surface. 
PosiGrip   produces results which exceed Standards Australia specification of slip resistance (AS/NZS 3661.1).

PosiGrip   has a multitude of applications in the home, work place and industry.
It is gentle enough to treat your tiled bathroom, kitchen or laundry at home and tough enough to treat a ware house floor to prevent forklifts and vehicles slipping on dangerous cement floors.

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Anti-Slip Solutions also carries a range of TreadGripTM Overlays, Nosings and Non Slip Strips to address the issue of slip on steps and stairs, both internal and external, as well as timber or cement ramps and decks.

These products are manufactured from a FibreGlass Reinforced Polyester Resin, with quartz crystals embedded into the surface to provide an extremely effective non-slip finish.They are extremely hard wearing, and corrosion, chemical and fire resistant.

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