Anti-Slip Solutions - Slippery Floors Made Safe!


Currently it costs Australia around $3 Billion in slip/fall injuries per year.
Approximately 85% of these falls are preventable

 Anti Slip Solutions Tasmania Logo Anti-Slip Solutions Tasmania works to reduce the risk and danger of slip / fall accidents by treating floor surfaces to ensure they comply to a safe standard of slip resistance.
 Slip Hazard Sign Slippery floors are a serious threat to health & safety

Anti Slip Solutions is committed to making your floors safe for yourself, your family, your guests, your employees and the public.
We have a product range of non slip floor treatments to treat virtually any floor surface to increase floor safety. 
We work to ensure Australian standards for Slip - resistance are met and in many cases exceeded, thus ensuring the best possible protection for yourself and the people under your care.

   Anti-Slip Solutions will provide:
      *Peace of mind, knowing you are protecting your family,employees, customers
        and public
      *Reduce likelihood of injuries and medical costs
      *Reduced potential for Workers Compensation claim
      *Increased productivity in workplaces exposed to water splashes and spills, and 

      *Workplace OH&S obligations met
Safety Warning Tape

A safe working, home, or public environment is a productive and stress free place.
Call or contact us and we can help you reduce the possibilities of slip / fall accidents and potential liabilities.